4 Essential Oils That Can Help Overcome Cough

4 Essential Oils That Can Help Overcome Cough

Some essential oils can help you to relieve cough or cold symptoms. The use of essential oils may appeal to you because of their natural qualities. They are extracted from plants grown around the world. When you use essential oils to relieve symptoms related to a health condition, it is known as complementary alternative therapy.

Below are the 4 Essential Oils that can help you to overcome cough based on our research conducted  on the internet.

1. Cajeput Oil

Cajeput oil is recognized for its ability to treat coughs and associated respiratory ailments like pharyngitis, bronchitis, and sinusitis, says this study. Analysis of Eucalyptus grandis showed immune enhancing effects acting as an efflux pump inhibitor, influencing the body’s ability to deal with bacteria.

2. Rosemarry Oil

Rosemary is a plant found around the world. It can calm the muscles in your trachea, giving you respiratory relief. It is also tied to the treatment of asthma, according to this study. Rosemary is most commonly mixed in a carrier oil and applied to the skin.

3.Cinammon Oil

Cinnamon, frequently used as a spice in cooking and baking, has a history of helping with bronchitis. One study concludes the essential oil of cinnamon can be useful for stopping respiratory tract pathogens if emitted in a gaseous state for a short timeframe. Cinnamon essential oil acts against common bacteria reproducing. Try diffusing the essential oil into the air or inhaling a few drops diluted in a steaming bowl of water.

4.Nutmeg Oil

You may find that nutmeg essential oil makes a difference when suffering from respiratory conditions. A study foundTrusted Source that inhaling nutmeg or nutmeg-derived oils decreased respiratory tract fluid in rabbits.

Try adding nutmeg essential oil to your diffuser to see if it helps your cough. Adjust the amount of nutmeg oil you diffuse based on the results of your congestion relief. Nutmeg helps loosen secretions (an expectorant).

Article Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/essential-oils-for-cough#essential-oils-for-cough
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