About Us

About Us

Agri-Essence Company Pte Ltd was established in 2019 and is a subsidiary of Lam Seng Hang Group Company. Although we are a home-grown essential oils company, we aim to serve regional and global markets. Through cutting-edge equipment and advanced extraction technologies, our company endeavours to produce botanical & natural extracts of the highest quality, which will be widely used in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical applications.

As a vertically integrated company, we play the roles of farmer, researcher, producer and distributor. This enables us to reduce costs and improve efficiency through economies of scale. We extract high-quality essential oils through innovative technology and deliver them to the rest of the world, as we believe our customers deserve the best and nothing less.

Agri-Essence Company Pte Ltd envisions to be the pioneer in extracting and manufacturing high-quality essential oils made from the finest ingredients.



Our Technology & Infrastructure


Agri-Essence Company Pte Ltd boasts sophisticated infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies that enable us to extract and produce essential oils of the highest quality. With the support of our experienced in-house R&D team, we constantly strive for innovation to fulfil our mission of delivering the purest and finest essential oils to the rest of the world. We believe in developing products that cater to our customers’ needs and requirements through fruitful collaboration with our esteemed clients.

With vertically integrated operations, Agri-Essence is able to oversee every stage of the supply chain and ensure the integrity of the final product. Rest assured that every drop of our essential oils meets international standards, because we promise nothing less.